4+ Months of Micro Gravity
The International Space Station is the only micro gravity laboratory we have. Its a condition we don't have access to anywhere else. You can conduct experiments in this rare environment for 4 months or even longer!
Near Real-time Communication
Our control center will be continuously connected to the Ice Cubes Facility and your cubes. Through this control center you have continuous access to your cube from the comfort of your office, classroom or laboratory. You have access to our own mission control software or using our API's you can build your own!

Development Guidance

The development of a space worthy experiment cube is not easy for everyone. Space Applications Services has more than 30 years of experience in developing hardware for space environments. We will assist you during the development whenever you would like it.

Flight Readiness Testing

In order to survive the launch and meet ESA specifications, your cube and the experiment will have to go through several tests in order to make sure everything goes well. We have the equipment and knowledge to do these tests in house, saving you money and time.

Interface Testing

You will be able to follow and control your cube in near real-time. To make sure this important feature works well, we test the integration of its communication into our Ice Cubes Facility and check if all commands and data can be used the way they are meant to.


Everything that enters the International Space Station has to be certified by a space agency. We have a close collaboration with ESA and our testing procedures are known to get your experiment and cube certified much faster than having to go through ESA seperatly.

Launch Planning

Booking a spot on a launch vehicle can be an expensive and long search process. We take care of the paperwork for you and make sure your cube can hitch a ride on the back of a larger payload. This method will significantly reduce both cost and time, getting you one step close to orbit.

On Board Installation

Once on board of the International Space Station, we will book a crewmember to attach your experiment cube to our Ice Cubes Facility framework. Once it is installed, the controls and the data of the cube will be routed to and from the ground by this facility, which has a direct connection to your PC.