Ice Cubes at Paris Space Week

We are rapidly closing in on Paris Space Week!

Come and find the ICE Cubes team at booth E06 where you can find our demo model and extensive ICE Cubes documentation. We will be happy to meet you and give you all the information you need to get started on your first ICE Cube.

Book a B2B meeting on the web site, for your convenience, here.

During the PSW, many companies from the space industry will come together to learn from each other, form partnerships and push their limits one step closer towards the skies. However, B2B meetings are far from the only interesting activity during the event.

There are several conferences ranging from the role of venture capital in space to internet of things and from space debris remediation to the benefits of additive manufacturing in aerospace applications.

Three exhibition areas will be set up: Space industry, Space Applications and Space R&D.

See you there!

Mymicrogravity and ICE Cubes announce partnership

Space Applications Services NV/SA and Mymicrogravity SAS Announce Partnership to allow commercialization of experiments on the International Space Station in the ICE CUBES Facility.

This collaboration will facilitate the access to the International Space Station for activities in all domains of scientific research and technology development for industrial, private and academic researchers. This collaboration has been eased by the European Space Agency initiative of Commercial Partners.

Microgravity and space are exceptional environments for the study of biological, physical and chemical processes. By removing the effects of gravity it is possible to observe phenomenon that are not visible on ground and some processes are found to be accelerated.

Space Applications Services and Mymicrogravity have entered into an agreement to promote, market and sell ICE Cube flight opportunities. Space Applications Services, is developing a rapid, low cost service, called ICE Cubes, to deliver and operate payloads at the International Space Station. As part of a Strategic Partnership being agreed with ESA, the service will be accommodated in ESA’s Columbus Module.

Mymicrogravity functions as an “augmented broker” by developing interest to use ICE Cubes in markets unfamiliar with spaceflight. Mymicrogravity offers packages combining ICE Cube flight opportunities and capacities with hardware from its other partners. The overall goal is to provide the most comprehensive offering of ways to access and use microgravity and the best solution to each individual customer ensuring that scientific and economic return is maximized.

About Mymicrogravity

Mymicrogravity SAS is a startup based in Paris created in 2015 by two cofounders. Antoine Joly-Battaglini, CEO, is a former employee of Airbus Defense & Space, where he worked on various projects in the orbital division in link with microgravity and space research. Matthieu Gendreau, CTO, is a French engineer who, after working in the aerospace industry for Thales and MBDA, participated in the success story of a startup for two years before it was bought. Their goal in creating Mymicrogravity is to become the European champion for the organization of microgravity experiments and give access to this environment to all scientists. By grouping industrial capacities from various partners in Europe and the US in their unique portfolio, packaging standard offers for experiments and bringing together microgravity experts, Mymicrogravity has a unique service adapted to the needs of private labs and R&D teams. The company has the objective to simplify the organization of microgravity experiments as much as possible for the researcher in order for him to concentrate on the science and its applications. They offer today to organize experiments on the International Space Station, parabolic flights and microgravity simulators with hardware and experts that can answer to the needs of researchers in all domains of science.

Visit our website or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

SME Innovator’s Summit

Ice Cubes, along with the CEO’s of over 400 other high potential SMEs, will be present at the SME Innovator’s Summit arranged by the European Commission’s Executive agency for Small Medium Enterprises (EASME). Together we will present our projects and meet first-rate international investors, technology executives and cutting-edge innovative business leaders.


The event will take place in Brussels at THE EGG on the 10th and 11th of October 2016.

ICE Cubes Service will be present to demonstrate our exciting project to make space and the ISS accessible to the wider public. Our functional demo model of the ICE Cubes Facility (ICF) will allow for a hands-on demonstration of what we can offer you. The ICF will be populated with example cubes, but within 12 months, your cube could be the next one on the real ICF! You will be updated about the latest evolutions of the development and about the detailed characteristics if the forthcoming service.

You can find our exhibition at booth #9, Mr. Mauro Ricci will be present to guide you through your very own mission to the ISS.

The launch if the ICE Cubes Facility together with the first batch of Experiment Cubes is planned for the end of 2017. Don’t miss the chance to fly along with the ICF on our inaugural flight at special conditions!

We hope to see you at the SME Innovator’s Summit!

ICE Cubes at IAC 2016

ICE Cubes has been present at the IAC 2016 with a dedicated exhibition stand. Visitors were brought up to date about the detailed characteristics of the forthcoming service and the latest evolutions of the development of our supporting hardware.

The exposed functional demo model of the ICE Cubes Facility captured the interest of the visitors and provided immediate inspiration for implementation of ideas and experiments that were already in the mind of some developers but had not found a convenient platform for the implementation yet.


Indian Delegation at the IAC 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The project manager, Mr. Mauro Ricci was a panelist of the workshop organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) “ESA Commercial Partnership Initiatives for Space Exploration: Entrepreneurship for Physicists and Engineers from emerging and experienced space nations”.
The discussion reaffirmed the special interest of emerging countries for end to end services, like ICE Cubes, that can facilitate the access to Space activities for less experienced organizations and institutes. In this way we contribute to the scientific and technological growth of those countries, which in turn is valuable to everyone.

The launch of the ICE Cubes Facility together with the first batch of Experiment Cubes is planned end of 2017: do not miss the chance to fly on our inaugural flight at special conditions.

You can also read more about ESA’s business partnerships here.

Attendance at Space4Inspiration

Between leaders from both inside and outside of the space community, Space Applications Services was present at Space4Inspiration in London, to discuss the broader implications of space-based research. We participated in the Panel on Emerging Commercial Services, one of the speakers being our co-founder Mr. Richard Aked, talking about our partnership with ESA and the commercial potential of the ISS.

At the event participants could also take a look at our Ice Cubes Facility demo model. Together with a test cube and documentation, this tangible example of our hardware shows how we are going to send your experiments to the ISS.




Research in space is beneficial both for the future of space exploration as well as for us here back on earth. Think of solar panels, robotic surgery arms and water treatment technology that gives many access to clean drinking water.

With our ICE Cubes, we are part of this discussion and by connecting and sharing ideas with other industries and parties we hope to make life better for everyone. By offering a low-cost way of getting small scale experiments to the ISS, we are part of this movement towards making space accessible for everyone.

Courtesy of ESA

Participation in ICCBM – 16

The ICE Cubes team participated in the 16th International Conference on the Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules in Prague from 2nd to 7th of July 2016.

The given presentation, XRayLab: an X-ray diffraction facility for the International Space Station dedicated to the study of space-grown crystals, can be seen below (please scroll down).

The poster shown, which featured both facilities under developement, the multipurpose ICE Cubes Facility and the XRD-dedicated XRayLab, can be viewed and downloaded here.


ICU-SA-PRES-016_1.0.0 -XRayLab ICCBM-16

ICE Cubes at the 16th ICCBM

Further to our abstract being accepted, we will present the XRayLab at the 16th International Conference on the Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules in Prague.

The lecture will be given as part of the session S-13, Crystallization in industry and biomedicine, on Thursday July 7 at 11:50.

Additionally, we will have a poster presenting both facilities under development (the multipurpose ICE Cubes Facility and the XRD-dedicated XRayLab). The abstract of this poster can already be found here.

ICE Cubes Demo Model Fit Check in ESA Columbus Mockup

In the frame of the established Partnership Pilot Phase with ESA, a fit check of the ICE Cubes Facility (ICF) Demonstration Model has been successfully performed inside the mockup of the Columbus Module at the ESTEC Erasmus User Centre.

These kinds of activities are conducted in support of the definition of the human factors engineering of the ICF and the operational aspects related to crew interfaces.

ICE Cubes in Columbus Module – Strategic Partnership with ESA

Space Application Services and the European Space Agency (ESA) entered a Partnership Pilot Phase with the objective of defining the technical and operational aspects of the service’s implementation inside the Columbus module.
The partnership consists of bartering Columbus resources in exchange for services, with no transfer of funds. The commercial Cubes will be installed and have access to the resources in Columbus. In return, ESA will have access to the facility to run small ESA institutional payloads developed in the fields of e.g. science, education and technology readiness level (TRL) enhancement.
The customers/users will operate and control the Experiment Cubes directly from their premises, via standard Internet Protocols (IPs), using the forthcoming Multi-Purpose Computer Communication (MPCC) system under development by ESA. This is a breakthrough element in the approach of controlling payloads on board the International Space Station (ISS) and of primary interest for the potential customers.