ICE Cubes at IAC 2016

ICE Cubes has been present at the IAC 2016 with a dedicated exhibition stand. Visitors were brought up to date about the detailed characteristics of the forthcoming service and the latest evolutions of the development of our supporting hardware.

The exposed functional demo model of the ICE Cubes Facility captured the interest of the visitors and provided immediate inspiration for implementation of ideas and experiments that were already in the mind of some developers but had not found a convenient platform for the implementation yet.


Indian Delegation at the IAC 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The project manager, Mr. Mauro Ricci was a panelist of the workshop organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) “ESA Commercial Partnership Initiatives for Space Exploration: Entrepreneurship for Physicists and Engineers from emerging and experienced space nations”.
The discussion reaffirmed the special interest of emerging countries for end to end services, like ICE Cubes, that can facilitate the access to Space activities for less experienced organizations and institutes. In this way we contribute to the scientific and technological growth of those countries, which in turn is valuable to everyone.

The launch of the ICE Cubes Facility together with the first batch of Experiment Cubes is planned end of 2017: do not miss the chance to fly on our inaugural flight at special conditions.

You can also read more about ESA’s business partnerships here.