Attendance at Space4Inspiration

Between leaders from both inside and outside of the space community, Space Applications Services was present at Space4Inspiration in London, to discuss the broader implications of space-based research. We participated in the Panel on Emerging Commercial Services, one of the speakers being our co-founder Mr. Richard Aked, talking about our partnership with ESA and the commercial potential of the ISS.

At the event participants could also take a look at our Ice Cubes Facility demo model. Together with a test cube and documentation, this tangible example of our hardware shows how we are going to send your experiments to the ISS.




Research in space is beneficial both for the future of space exploration as well as for us here back on earth. Think of solar panels, robotic surgery arms and water treatment technology that gives many access to clean drinking water.

With our ICE Cubes, we are part of this discussion and by connecting and sharing ideas with other industries and parties we hope to make life better for everyone. By offering a low-cost way of getting small scale experiments to the ISS, we are part of this movement towards making space accessible for everyone.

Courtesy of ESA