Mymicrogravity and ICE Cubes announce partnership

Space Applications Services NV/SA and Mymicrogravity SAS Announce Partnership to allow commercialization of experiments on the International Space Station in the ICE CUBES Facility.

This collaboration will facilitate the access to the International Space Station for activities in all domains of scientific research and technology development for industrial, private and academic researchers. This collaboration has been eased by the European Space Agency initiative of Commercial Partners.

Microgravity and space are exceptional environments for the study of biological, physical and chemical processes. By removing the effects of gravity it is possible to observe phenomenon that are not visible on ground and some processes are found to be accelerated.

Space Applications Services and Mymicrogravity have entered into an agreement to promote, market and sell ICE Cube flight opportunities. Space Applications Services, is developing a rapid, low cost service, called ICE Cubes, to deliver and operate payloads at the International Space Station. As part of a Strategic Partnership being agreed with ESA, the service will be accommodated in ESA’s Columbus Module.

Mymicrogravity functions as an “augmented broker” by developing interest to use ICE Cubes in markets unfamiliar with spaceflight. Mymicrogravity offers packages combining ICE Cube flight opportunities and capacities with hardware from its other partners. The overall goal is to provide the most comprehensive offering of ways to access and use microgravity and the best solution to each individual customer ensuring that scientific and economic return is maximized.

About Mymicrogravity

Mymicrogravity SAS is a startup based in Paris created in 2015 by two cofounders. Antoine Joly-Battaglini, CEO, is a former employee of Airbus Defense & Space, where he worked on various projects in the orbital division in link with microgravity and space research. Matthieu Gendreau, CTO, is a French engineer who, after working in the aerospace industry for Thales and MBDA, participated in the success story of a startup for two years before it was bought. Their goal in creating Mymicrogravity is to become the European champion for the organization of microgravity experiments and give access to this environment to all scientists. By grouping industrial capacities from various partners in Europe and the US in their unique portfolio, packaging standard offers for experiments and bringing together microgravity experts, Mymicrogravity has a unique service adapted to the needs of private labs and R&D teams. The company has the objective to simplify the organization of microgravity experiments as much as possible for the researcher in order for him to concentrate on the science and its applications. They offer today to organize experiments on the International Space Station, parabolic flights and microgravity simulators with hardware and experts that can answer to the needs of researchers in all domains of science.

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